All About Birds

This is my favorite site for bird identification. They have multiple pictures of each species, pictures of similar species, range maps, and much more. The page design makes it easy to access a wealth of information easily


When I first started bird watching this was the site that got me excited about bird watching. You can report your bird sightings here and eBird will keep track of your bird lists for you. Bird sightings are stored along with the location of the sighting so you can plan your bird watching trips around the birds you want to see. If you have competitive tendencies like me, there are top 100 lists that track how many birds observers have seen in a particular location, county, state, etc. You will also be contrbuting to a very successful citizen science project.

Madrone Audobon Society

This is my wonderful local Audobon Society. I love going on the bird walks with this group. I have learned so much about bird watching from the experts that lead the bird walks and the many skilled birders that join the walks. If you want to get involved in Sonoma county bird conservation this is a great group to start with.

Marin Audobon Society

Marin Audobon Society is very active with lots of great bird walks and activities.

Sonoma County Bird Watching Spots

A wonderful guide to bird watching in Sonoma county. This site has detailed instructions on where to go, how to get there, what birds you will see, nearby restaraunts and more.

This website will help you discover what there is to see, where to see it, and most importantly how to go about it. With detailed checklists for mammals, birds and other animals, identification resources and extensive guides to viewing locations, provides a unique, yet comprehensive portal to the world of Bay Area wildlife watching.

Field Guide: Birds of the World

This Flickr group has pictures of almost every species in the world. The pictures are curated so the identifications are very accurate. I use the pictures on this site for generating the pictures in my quizzes.

Native Songbird Care And Conservation

Sonoma County organization for supporting the needs of injured, ill and orphaned songbirds.

Joe Morlan's California Birding Page

Site of the well respected ornithology professor at City College of San Francisco.

Redwood Region Ornithological Society

North Bay Area group organized in 1962 to encourage the study and conservation of birds, other wildlife, and their natural habitat. Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month September through May.

Pets Happy Hour

A website created from enthusiasm and love for pets, and animals in general.